The "Ender 3 Fuse" (TM) Project

Here is the first prototype of something that may be very useful to many Creality Ender 3 owners!  I call it the "Ender 3 Fuse" (TM) Project. Don't build this project if you don't believe in using fuses... (ahem.)

2020-09-24 I am having this manufactured and the first 100-pieces will arrive soon!

We will sell it both as the "Ender 3 Fuse" but also offer it as a generic "XT-60 Inline Fuse" product it might come in handy if you are using XT-60 power sources.


2020-10-13 Good News the first production run of the "Ender 3 Fuse" (tm) was completed and I have a shipment inbound. It will come with a 20A fuse but you can replace it with a smaller or slightly larger fuse as the product is designed to handle up to 30A (based on wire gauge and fuse holder.)

Whole Pile of New Ender 3 Fuse (TM) 

I should receive a large shipment of them around November 14-16. I will update this page when we can finally stock them in the store. 

Here is a closer view of the Ender 3 Fuse (tm)