Shipping Costs from China Affects your Creality parts and other supplies like filament.

The shipping costs to get Creality parts into the US has more than tripled in the last year. I can vouch for the horrible costs. Not to mention Creality keeps raising prices on parts as real inflation in US currency is readily apparent to those living outside the US. Perhaps not just those folks... The chart shows the partial story. It does not show the tariffs we had to pay.  At some point we have to raise prices to cover the shipping.

A short excerpt from:

"Things Are Out Of Control" - There Is A Shortage Of Everything And Prices Are Soaring: What Happens Next

As examples of how some importers and manufacturers have alleviated bottlenecks at higher costs, some companies have started importing bike parts and hot tubs by air rather than sea freight, and other producers have started rerouting imports through alternate ports.
That said, these bottlenecks can lead to another perverse price increase as they substantially increase transport costs in strained trade routes. As shown in the next chart, shipping costs from China to the US have roughly tripled over the last year. This will likely put upward pressure on consumer prices as manufacturers pass these costs on to consumers.