New Beginning aka No One Expects a Pandemic!

Update: 2020-06-15 The shipping crisis from China is still causing massive delays in even so-called "Express" shipping as well as causing a huge spike in prices. The costs of shipping are usually now over 50% of the overhead in ordering new Creality 3D replacement parts. While we do not sell complete Creality 3D Printers we monitor the price of all the Creality 3D printers and those have skyrocketed. For some unsuspecting people, when they order and pay for a 3D printer they don't know it is shipping from China instead of the US and the delays will cause a lot of problems for new customers. While I could expand this much further I will spare us all. Let's just say I picked a very bad time to start an online retail business, it seems.

"Who could have expected a pandemic?" It sounds like a Monty Python sort of comedic device but the reality of this is that shipping from China (from whence we obtain much of our inventory) has almost ground to a halt for non-medical shipments and those that make it through are 3-4 times more expensive than normal.

I have to tell ou that really savages any hopes of selling things at a reasonable price and that is why you have seen prices explode all around the "e-commerce" landscape.

Let's take a look at Creality 3D Printers on eBay for example. Prices were already high but now they are obscene. I have three of them and I did not pay more than $140 for the most expensive model. 

These same models are trending at $300 now.  You can assume they are trying to recover the costs of the shipping.

Any way, this post is a sort of our notice to the world that we have arrived and we hope to become a place where everyone who is a hardware hacker can find things they need for their projects.