Customs Fees on China Shipments

I suppose it finally had to happen, just remember you heard about it here first.  Today I had to pay "Customs Fees" to UPS on about $250 products they wanted $57. I never would have known about it if I had not checked the tracking number. It said "In Transit" but had an exception that customs duty was required.  There was no indication on where the shipment was actually located at the time. 

It was easy to pay, I was able to use Paypal so it was easy. I have never had to pay any customs fees on imports from Shenzhen. This is going to add more pressure on prices, especially on the parts and equipment that Hardware for Hackers offers.

I have several oher large shipments pending from China and I guess they are going to be very expensive with the added fees.

One way China used to circumvent the customs fees was to ship from Hong Kong. Recently the US Government stripped Hong Kong of any special privileges enjoyed long before.

This is unfortunate and is something that is going to be painful for us all.