Collet Clamps and Bowden Fittings


These are one of those things that no one can ever remember the name for yet many times we have all wished for a source. Well thanks to a few people who went before you can print your own.

I have never been able to locate a source of these in quantity so at some time in the past I was on Thingiverse and I found several versions of the clamp that have helped me for a long time.  I wanted to share those with you and help pass on something very useful.  

My favorite one since I am always breaking or losing them is the 5mm clip used to rhe extruder end on Creality 3D-Printers.  One version iwas created by the Thingiverse creator "asianquare". you can find their version here

Another really great design belongs to "Thorinair" on Thingiverse they have several version of their design, but the largest one works well on the Ender 3. You can find that design here

There are a few more designs on Thingiverse you can make use of. Remember if something isn't quite right, you can always use your slicer and scale it in X, Y or Z!

You can find many more examples of Collet Clips (or clamps) using any search engine and you can make your own. They are very helpful, as time goes by you will also rely on them I am sure.