Challenges in 2021

I recently made an order with Creality and the price of the products I was ordering was only half of the total expense. The other half was shipping costs.

Since I am an engineer and not a business expert I determined a simple conclusion, my prices have to double to break even.  If I want a profit margin on the small scale I operate on, it seems to be a simple solution.

As of today I have no plans on doubling my prices for everything though I guess I will have to raise them some percentage  in order to keep things on an even keel.

I got a notice from our shipping provider that our packages in April had traveled 154,240 miles. That sounds like a lot but in truth our sales weer not that great in April. The bulk of my sales came from eBay in fact.

I wish that were not the case without going into the reasons but if you have ever sold on eBay, especially recently then you can begin to understand part of why selling on eBay really sucks.

I am continuing to order in depth from Creality and expanding to include as much CR-10 support as I can achieve every month. There should be a slow, steady improvement in coverage for the CR-10.

If anyone asked me what my master plan is, I'd be happy to tell them it's quite simple. I want to get as many parts as possible for every model of Creality 3D Printer.

Since I am a small operation that takes time and once I finish building up our support for the CR-10 I will probably  circle back around and continue to get more parts for Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2 and then the CR-10 V2 (in that order.)

My sales have been pretty bad. I guess the economy is slowly sinking despite all the "free money" being printed and distributed. It would have been nice to get some of that free money but I seem to be in the wrong demographic (or something.)

There are indeed grim times, for far too many reasons that can lead to trouble if openly discussed. How sad is that for Amerika?

Thank you for your business.