4040 and 2020 Profile End Caps!



I occasionally need some end caps for both 2020 and 4040 profile.

For the 4040 Profile I found a really great design that fits well and prints very well. I have been printing in PETG but I know it would work well using any filament. 4040 aluminium profile cap for Ender 3 (Pro), tight fit


I prefer the plain version and only tested the "basic" style. There is an Ender 3 logo version, and a pacman version. I am really a simple person so I chose the basic version and it looks fine. I tested it hot off the build plate into an extra 4040 profile and it fit perfectly and is tight fitting.

I used 100% infill with PETG filament. I think ABS would probably be a great idea too but so far the PETG is working fine for me. di dnot have to adjust the scaling to get it to fit, perfect right off the build plate .

I highly recommend this version and if you can afford it, please tip the designer. They did a great job!

Almost as an afterthought ....

Since I mentioned it, here is the 220 Profile Endcap by a different designer.



See 2020 Extrusion End Cap by wsolstice69 2020 Extrusion End Cap by wsolstice69

This version of the 2020 end cap had to be scaled to 1.07 before it fit snugly enough to use. The designer also deserves a tip so if you find it useful and if you can afford it please remember to send them a tip.