• Space Shuttle Design for your 3D-Printer

    This is a really well-designed model. I had always wanted to build this one, and one weekend after realizing it had been a very long time since I h...
  • The XT-60 Fuse(TM) Fuse

    You really need an external fuse to protect your battery pack. The XT-60 Fuse(TM) can handle up to 30A (you control current by choosing the correct fuse rating.) Uses automotive blade-type fuses. Easy to install in existing systems.
  • 4040 and 2020 Profile End Caps!

    You don't need to pay for a 40940 Prodile End Cap the next time you lose one! This is a great replacement and it is free!
  • The Ironic Boomerang ... Import Duties on Chinese Products ...

    Gloating about "making China pay!" means that in reality you are gloating about making an American pay...
  • Customs Fees on China Shipments

    I just had to pay import duties on a shioment from China!
  • The "Ender 3 Fuse" (TM) Project

    he prototype of the Ender 3 Fuse(TM) an important protection by adding a fuse to Ender 3.
  • Creality "Plug and Play" Hotend - An essential part of your Ender spare parts kit

    This useful addition to your spare parts kit for both the Ender 3 and the Ender 5  series is worth it's weight. (Not in Gold but maybe Silver!) Re...
  • Collet Clamps and Bowden Fittings

    These Collet clamps are just as important as the Bowden fitting itself.

    By using them we can achieve maximum performance and reliability. 

  • New Beginning aka No One Expects a Pandemic!

    Update: 2020-06-15 The shipping crisis from China is still causing massive delays in even so-called "Express" shipping as well as causing a huge ...