• Challenges in 2021

    I recently made an order with Creality and the price of the products I was ordering was only half of the total expense. The other half was shipping costs.

    Since I am an engineer and not a business expert I determined a simple conclusion, my prices have to double to break even.  If I want a profit margin on the small scale I operate on, it seems to be a simple solution.

  • Shipping Costs from China Affects your Creality parts and other supplies like filament.

    ... That said, these bottlenecks can lead to another perverse price increase as they substantially increase transport costs in strained trade routes. As shown in the next chart, shipping costs from China to the US have roughly tripled over the last year. This will likely put upward pressure on consumer prices as manufacturers pass these costs on to consumers.
  • Space Shuttle Design for your 3D-Printer

    This is a really well-designed model. I had always wanted to build this one, and one weekend after realizing it had been a very long time since I h...
  • The XT-60 Fuse(TM) Fuse

    You really need an external fuse to protect your battery pack. The XT-60 Fuse(TM) can handle up to 30A (you control current by choosing the correct fuse rating.) Uses automotive blade-type fuses. Easy to install in existing systems.
  • 4040 and 2020 Profile End Caps!

    You don't need to pay for a 40940 Prodile End Cap the next time you lose one! This is a great replacement and it is free!
  • The Ironic Boomerang ... Import Duties on Chinese Products ...

    Gloating about "making China pay!" means that in reality you are gloating about making an American pay...
  • Customs Fees on China Shipments

    I just had to pay import duties on a shioment from China!
  • The "Ender 3 Fuse" (TM) Project

    he prototype of the Ender 3 Fuse(TM) an important protection by adding a fuse to Ender 3.
  • Creality "Plug and Play" Hotend - An essential part of your Ender spare parts kit

    This useful addition to your spare parts kit for both the Ender 3 and the Ender 5  series is worth it's weight. (Not in Gold but maybe Silver!) Re...
  • Collet Clamps and Bowden Fittings

    These Collet clamps are just as important as the Bowden fitting itself.

    By using them we can achieve maximum performance and reliability. 

  • New Beginning aka No One Expects a Pandemic!

    Update: 2020-06-15 The shipping crisis from China is still causing massive delays in even so-called "Express" shipping as well as causing a huge ...